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Our Partners

Why partner with HDC?

Complex data and digital challenges require diverse viewpoints and multi-partner resources to come up with the best solutions. One partner does not have all the resources to address all data and digital challenges, so diversity (of constituency, geography, socio economic status and gender) lies at the heart of the HDC.

Our current partner network includes over 200 partner organisations and over 800 members (as at September 2022) from across the public and private sectors and seven constituencies. 

This diverse range of partners allows us to collectively leverage world-class expertise, tools, technologies and partnerships to serve countries’ data needs. By working in partnership we have, together, the power to combine resources, reach, and capacities in areas that are common challenges in many countries. Our efforts cut across borders to support governments around the world in addressing those challenges.

Focused on country-level impact and committed to utilising data for action, our partnerships approach is designed to work alongside countries to improve the availability, quality and use of data for local decision-making and tracking progress toward the health-related SDGs.

Our Constituencies

  • Bilateral Donors, Philanthropic Institutions and Regional Funding Entities
  • Civil Society
  • Countries
  • Global Health Initiatives
  • Multilateral and Inter-Governmental Organisations
  • Private Sector
  • Research, Academia and Technical Networks

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Our Partners

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