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The Government of Tanzania is committed to efforts to improve the quality of health data for evidence-based decision making and to strengthen capacity to track progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. While Tanzania has taken major steps and made significant progress towards improving availability, access, analysis and use of health data, it recognizes the need for more coordinated and collaborative efforts of all stakeholders to unleash the full potential of its health information system. This will reduce fragmentation and duplication of efforts, improve the efficiency of investments and build confidence in the national health data system.


To realize this ambition in Tanzania, the Government launched the Tanzania Health Data Collaborative in Dar es Salaam on the 11th September 2017. This is a collaboration of Government of Tanzania, represented by Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) and the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG); Health Sector Stakeholders; and Global Partners. The Tanzania HDC also integrates the Digital Health Investment Roadmap supported by BMGF and PATH.

Key HIS/M&E documents developed by the country include:

Key Priorities 

The Tanzania Ministry of Health placed a strategic request for collective action to rally all stakeholders behind a common M&E framework and the country’s prioritized action plan. Identified priorities are as follows:

Addressing fragmentation of M&E and data systems

Alignment of indicators and data collection processes

Alignment of health facility assessments and surveys

Joint and aligned investment in digital health information systems

Strengthening capacity for analysis and use of data

Data dissemination and access

 Activities & milestones

August 2018

New Tanzania HDC Coordination Group Proposed

Unicef has proposed the formation of a new Tanzania HDC Coordination Group of technical experts from government and development partners, academia, civil society, private sector and faith-based organizations brought together to work collectively on specific programmatic and technical deliverables of the Health Data Collaborative implementation matrix 2018 – 2020. The HDC matrix was endorsed by the Permanent Secretary during the launch of the Tanzania HDC in February 2018. The Coordination Group will be chaired by the Ministry of Health, and a co-chair will be selected by the group every 6 months. View the terms of reference of the coordination group.

February 2018

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Leads Signing of Tanzania HDC Communiqué

To solidify commitment from the government and partners to the Tanzania HDC, which was launched in September 2017, a communiqué on the Tanzania HDC’s six M&E priorities for collective action was signed on 7 February during a ceremony at the Ministry of Health. The communiqué also presents proposed strategic actions for each of the M&E priorities. The signatories were:

  • Dr Ulisubisya Mpoki, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
  • Dr Zainab Chaula, Deputy Permanent Secretary  Health, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government;
  • Professor Bakari Kambi,  Chief Medical Officer; 
  • Ms Norzin Grigoleit-Dagyab,  Chair, Development Partners Group for Health; 
  • Dr Matthieu Kamwa, WHO Representative;
  • Mr Irenei Kiria, Civil Society representative.

At the signing ceremony, Permanent Secretary Dr. Mpoki stressed the need for partners to work together with the government in implementing the government-identified priorities in supporting one monitoring and evaluation framework. He further stressed the importance of using data for strategic decision making and tracking progress: “Data represent what we do, and with data we are being held accountable, meaning we have to give weight to the way it is processed and reported.” A video clip of Dr Mpoki speaking with journalists at the event can be viewed here.

December 2017

Ministry of Health finalizes Tanzania HDC priorities for collective action

Following the launch of the Tanzania HDC in September (see meeting report), MoH has consulted the M&E technical working group and Development Partners Group for Health to finalize the M&E priorities for collective action by partners and a monitoring framework. The mapping of investments in HIS/M&E is also ongoing. The communiqué, which outlines the M&E priorities and commitments to support them, is scheduled to be signed by all major stakeholders in early January.

September 2017

Tanzania launches the Health Data Collaborative

The launch of the Tanzania HDC took place September 11-12 in Dar es Salaam, attended by 145 participants across the Ministry of Health (including M&E Unit, ICT Unit), the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), and partners including Kenya Ministry of Health, World Bank/GFF, CDC, USAID, BMGF, GIZ, Data for Health, DFID, DFADT Canada, DANIDA, Swiss Embassy, Irish Aid, WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDs, PATH, MSH and Jhpiego. The agenda focused on identifying country M&E priorities and aligning partners’ support behind these priorities.

Next steps include the following: 1) MOH will determine the optimal coordinating mechanism to take forward the agreed 6 national M&E priorities and 2) a mapping of partners’ current investments in HIS will be completed to support the development of the national Common Investment Framework.  

The communiqué, which articulates the M&E priorities and commitments to support One Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Health Sector of the Government of Tanzania, is being reviewed by all stakeholders. See all related documents below.

July 2017

Draft concept note and agenda for Tanzania HDC launch shared with partners

March 2017

Ministry of Health requests engagement with HDC partners

February 2017

In-country meeting with HDC partners to prepare for launch of Tanzania HDC

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