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Global Partners Group meetings

The Global Partners Group (GPG) is the entire HDC community, it includes all HDC partners, including SDG GAP data and digital partners. 

The GPG is open to any member, entity or working group that can commit to the HDC mission, objectives and principles and can be affiliated with one of the seven constituencies, represented in the Stakeholder Representative Group (SRG). 

The group has two annual events in March and September involving all members, with a focus on country needs. Increasingly, events will be hosted by different regions to strengthen regional and cross-country perspectives.

To view meeting outputs prior to 2022, please view the archive.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Private Sector)

The private sector constituency incorporates for-profit entities directly serving the healthcare value chain. This also includes entities the have healthcare data as a core competency.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Donors)

The Donor Constituency includes Bilateral Donors, Donor Foundations and Regional Funding Entities such as Asian or African Development Banks

Definition of the constituency in the HDC (Civil society orgs)

The Civil Society Constituency incorporates Non-governmental Organizations, civil society and community-based organizations engaged with advocacy, accountability, demand generation or delivery of services who use or produce data, especially for communities left behind.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Global health initiatives)

The Global Health Initiatives Constituency encompass cause or disease specific global health programs that may or may not be a donor entity.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Multilateral and Intergovernmental Organizations)

The Multilateral and Intergovernmental Organizations Constituency is comprised of organizations consisting of member states. These organizations are usually created by treaty involving two or more countries that are aligned towards a specific cause or issue.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Countries)

The countries constituency incorporates government representatives from countries that are currently actively engaged with HDC.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Research, Academia And Technical Networks)

The Research, Academia And Technical Networks Constituency incorporates communities concerned with the pursuit of research, education, and information exchange, with a particular focus on third level and otherresearch institutionsinvolved in development and strengthening of health information systems.

Bangladesh HIS and Stakeholder Alignment

Assessing partner alignment in support of the health information system in Bangladesh

Nepal HIS and Stakeholder Alignment

Assessing alignment of partner technical and financial investments in support of Nepal's health information system

HDC Work Plan 2022-2023

Health Data Collaborative Milestones and Workplan January 2022 – December 2023

HDC review December 2021 session 5

2020-2021 review & 2022-2023 milestones: ‘Learning from looking back to take action moving forward’

HDC_Global Partners Meeting Agenda, 7th April, 2022

Objectives: To follow up on implementation of the Workplan 2022-2023 and discuss technical, financial and political resources required, to provide a status update of working group outputs and deliverables & to update on the added value of each of the seven constituencies with a focus on civil society and the private sector

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