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Civil Registration and Vital Statistics


The CRVS Working Group (WG) aims to strengthen national CRVS systems through coordination, collaboration and exchange of information at global, regional and national levels.


  1. To support coordinated country-level engagement by our respective institutions that is consistent with the WHO global CRVS strategy 2020-2023 and respective partner agendas.
  2. To explore and leverage opportunities to accelerate the improvement of CRVS systems at global, regional and national levels.
  3. To promote the importance of CRVS in the global development agenda.
  4. To act as liaison for information exchange between HDC and other global and regional entities supporting CRVS strengthening.

Country impact

As with all HDC Working Groups (WGs), countries can request technical support from the CRVS Working Group. Members and organisations in the WG can then align their support (technical, financial or political) with the well identified priorities of countries. This may include advocacy for a country’s challenge, adapting global public data goods to local contexts, capacity building (working with local institutions) or supporting country teams by brainstorming and supporting innovative solutions to complex in-country challenges

Terms of Reference

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