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Leadership Event 2020

Hosted by HDC partners and logistically supported by the HDC secretariat, this meeting provides an opportunity to raise political commitment and advocacy for data and digital efforts linking COVID-19 responses with SDG GAP data efforts.

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Jorn Braa

University of Oslo

Justin Koonin

AIDS Council of New South Wales

Bernhard Braune 

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Nicola Wardrop

UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Peter Ghys


Health Data Driving the SDGs and Defeating COVID: Accelerating Progress Through Partnership

Leadership Meeting, Virtual Zoom Event, 16th December 13.00-15.00 CET

Key messages:

  1. Partnerships are key to success: The Health Data Collaborative (HDC) is a collaborative platform that leverages and aligns partner technical and financial resources to strengthen country data systems for equitable service delivery and adapt global goods to local contexts; 
  2. Build on the COVID-19 response to accelerate sustainable support to drive SDGs: strong data systems are needed to control COVID-19; lessons learned and aligning partner support for country data and digital plans are crucial to accelerate action for the health-related SDGs;  
  3. Strong Health Information Systems are needed to produce data for action: Collection, storage, analysis, validation and use of health data is often fragmented and piecemeal. This increases reporting burdens – especially for frontline health workers. Aligning efforts for Government M&E data plans increases efficiency, reduces reporting burdens and increases sharing during emergencies.

Meeting Objectives:

  1. To promote data as a public good for improving health outcomes, strengthening country capacities to use data for SDG targets and addressing the needs of communities left behind; 
  2. To commit to stronger coordinating data health-related SDGs, by aligning resources at all levels to improve data systems and digital tools to drive country-based evidence-based policy implementation and service delivery;  
  3. To fill data gaps and better use of data through partnerships, such as HDC and SDG Global Action Plan (SDG GAP) using a mix of tools (such as SCORE) and technical assistance to increase sharing, learning and engagement between partners and countries.


The full event video is now available to watch for those who missed it!

Watch the event video here

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