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Routine Health Information Systems

RHIS Working Group Context and Rationale

Health facilities generate data on an ongoing basis during the course of service delivery. Routine health information systems (RHIS) capture, compile and report service-generated data “…at regular intervals of a year or less through mechanisms designed to meet predictable information needs…"

Many LMIC countries face challenges in achieving reliable RHIS data for decision-making. Challenges include multiple data demands, non-standardized data (i.e. metadata, data structures, data management and exchange standards, etc.), poor quality data, incomplete and delayed reporting, inadequate “top-down” feedback mechanisms, limited data analysis and use, inadequate data management systems, multiple parallel systems, lack of system integration and interoperability, inadequate infrastructure and human resources, data access and transparency, poor data governance and uncoordinated partner investments.

This working group aims to address these issues through adaptation of existing globally-agreed RHIS standards and best practices and alignment of support to countries for RHIS strengthening.

Terms of Reference

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