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Unicef Commitments

27 September 2022

Unicef Commitments
  • Contribute a 70 percent position to support database analytics for the enhancement and management of global repository of health data repository with network of users engaged in data analytics, visualisations and use.
  • Contribute through support to countries for implementation of MICS harmonized with other household survey initiatives such as DHS and LSMS. 
  • Contribute through the continued development and maintenance of global health databases accessible on standard global indicators, with disaggregation.
  • Link the Health Data Collaborative with accountability initiatives/measurement groups led by UNICEF such as IGME, JMP, WUENIC, Countdown.
  • Contribute through continued technical assistance to countries on DHIS2 capacity-building and training; roll-out and scale-up of DHIS2; data analysis, report generation and data use; and integration of external data-reporting tools such as RapidPro.
  • Contribute through ongoing technical assistance to countries building programmes that empower communities through district and community-level data use and social accountability platforms.  
  • Participate actively in steering group and working groups.

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