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The global fund commitments

27 September 2022

The global fund commitments
  • Continue enhancing country level capacity through strengthening data systems through portfolio grant funds and through special initiative funds available from the board. 
  • Align global fund support with the priorities agreed by the Health Data Collaborative to support in-country M&E systems and SDG monitoring. Dedicate at least 1.5 full-time staff equivalent positions.
  • Limit the use of Global Fund specific tools and move to the implementation of harmonized country-led Health Facility Assessment (HFA) and Data Quality Review (DQR) processes and tools. Contribute financially for WHO contractor for development of tools plus funding for service providers selected together with WHO, as well as two full-time staff.
  • Provide direct funding to support the coordination and technical work of the Health Data Collaborative secretariat (to be decided and confirmed). 
  • Provide financial support for consultants/firms to help in the development of policy guidance, normative work as well as to support regional and national training and events based on needs and priorities as identified by the Health Data Collaborative and the Global Fund.
  • Participate actively in the Health Data Collaborative discussions (steering group, management team, working groups).

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