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USAID commitments

27 September 2022

USAID commitments
  • Contribute financially in 2016–2017 to complete activities as defined in the operational work plan.
  • Contribute financial support to a West African Digital Health Task Force.
  • Contribute funding to MEASURE Evaluation to support collaboration with WHO to strengthen health information systems and to form the basis for the Health Data Collaborative Facility/Community Level technical working group led by WHO. 
  • Contribute funding to MEASURE Evaluation to support additional activities aligned with the Health Data Collaborative objectives and operationalization of the work plan. 
  • Use existing USAID health data programs (Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), interoperability standards, facility surveys) as platforms to operationalize the work plan.
  • Ensure linkages to the US$ 200 million annually in investments in data and information systems.
  • Devote USAID staff time including an 80 percent staff position from headquarters to the Secretariat, active participation on the steering group and working groups, and several staff to provide technical assistance and country engagement support on a part-time basis.
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