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Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data's commitments

27 September 2022

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data's commitments
  • Advocate for the role of data in driving sustainable development at the global, regional, and national level. We build political consensus and broad constituencies to support strengthened data production, access, timeliness, and use, and elevate data issues at important national, regional, and international events. 
  • Initiate collaboration across all sectors to innovate, build capacity, and apply the world’s best knowledge to the world’s worst problems. Our multi-million-dollar funding initiative supports collaborative data innovations for sustainable development, and we create space for cross-fertilization and learning through our data collaboratives that work within thematic areas including the environment and leaving no one behind.
  • Improve data access and interoperability mechanisms and standards. Our Data4SDGs API Highways infrastructure provides an open platform for advancing data use, access, and interoperability.
  • Work with governments and other partners at the country-level to create and implement robust data ecosystems. We support the advancement of country-led Data Roadmaps for Sustainable Development in Colombia, Kenya, the Philippines, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and elsewhere, using our Data4SDGs Toolbox to support and guide the process.
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