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HDC Stakeholders Annual In-person Meeting

5th Dec 2023 - 6th Dec 2023

About the event

The HDC met in person for the first time in four years in September 2022. This provided an opportunity to review progress, celebrate achievements and appreciate milestones after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The HDC December 2023 hybrid meeting builds on the 2019 Political Declaration to renew focus on SDG targets and communities that are left behind. This meeting provides an opportunity to a) provide a platform for country peer-to-peer learning, b) agree on implementing HDC Evaluation recommendations, c) identify new ways of aligning resources to serve countries, d) review and agree on HDC Work Plan for 2024-2025 and e) renewal commitment to the HDC mission.

Co-hosted by the Government of Kenya (one of 4 HDC pathfinder countries) and with 13 countries from Africa and Asia regions invited, this meeting offers an opportunity for countries’ stewardship. There will be opportunities for country peer-to-peer learning and sharing experiences, and adhering to HDC principles that will guide scaling up of HDC country impact moving forward.

Main outcomes

  1. Country peer-to-peer learning and exchange on HIS challenges and solutions, using SCORE framework
  2. Clear understanding of HDC Evaluation findings and recommendations
  3. Renewed engagement with HDC’s mission & goals

Agenda included

  • Status and achievements of the HDC in 2022-2023
  • HDC Evaluation: feedback and ways forward
  • Approval of updated HDC ToC, Workplan and M&E framework
  • Countries marketplace sessions
  • Technical support via Working Groups and regional platforms

Background documents

In preparation for this meeting, you can find all documents including Information & Logistics Note on our event folder here.

Countries Marketplace: Health Information Systems Status and Priorities

Here are the posters presented by each country during the marketplace sessions:

The Meeting Report is ready!

You can read its full version here.


Join us and let’s redesign the HDC together!
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