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Use Versus Protection: Data in the Balance During COVID-19

29th May 2020

Date and Time: 29th May 15:00 CET

Timely and disaggregated data is more critical than ever in the current global pandemic. Governments need various types and sources of data to: inform planning and decision-making by first respondents; forecast gaps and understand the surge in the required health service resources; and design effective policies that help mitigate the negative economic and social impact on people’s lives. The diversity of data sources and granularity of data required, particularly at the individual level, to respond to the crisis raises issues around personal data protection and privacy concerns.

From daily estimates of tests, confirmed cases and fatalities to data on hospitalizations and availability of medical staff and resources, data collected by various public and private entities is needed to effectively respond to the crisis. Countries are rolling out digital ID programs to track patients in order to manage and contain COVID-19, and also collecting mobility data from various entities to measure and encourage social distancing. How do these various sources, technologies and the organisations behind them address privacy concerns while providing data that allows for timely planning and decision-making?

This webinar will:

  • Bring experiences from various entities collecting data from diverse sources to respond to the crisis.
  • Highlight measures and associated challenges to ensure protection of personal data during the current global pandemic.

This webinar is part of the United Nations World Data Forum webinar series and aims to showcase examples of how national and international organizations are taking measures to protect individual data and privacy during the global COVID19-crisis.


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