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HDC Webinar: Using digital tools for community-level health service delivery and malaria case management: Current state and next steps

14th Sep 2021 - 14th Sep 2021


In 2020, PMI launched its Digital Community Health Initiative (DCHI) with a vision to strengthen quality health service delivery at the community level in PMI countries by investing in the scale-up of digitally enabled community health platforms. As a first step in this initiative, PMI has partnered with Digital Square at PATH to engage national malaria programs and other crucial stakeholders to understand the current digital environment and define country-specific priorities for using digital technology in community health programs.


Many countries have already taken the critical first step of mapping how digital strategies are used in planning and delivering quality health services at the community level, with a particular emphasis on malaria. Building on this foundation, PMI DCHI conducted an assessment—using surveys, focus groups, and interviews with key stakeholders—to fill knowledge gaps about the digital ecosystem at the community level. Country experts reviewed and validated the assessment. 


Session Objectives:

The one-hour session will focus on the following:

  • Introduction to PMI’s DCHI.
  • Become familiar with the current role of digital tools in delivering quality health services at the community level in four different countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania).
  • Develop an understanding of key findings and recommendations for improved service delivery using digital tools from a cross-country analysis of PMI’s 27 focus countries.


Fro those who missed it, the session recording is available here and slides are available here.

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