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Established in March 2016 following the high-level summit on Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health, the Health Data Collaborative (HDC) is a UHC2030-related initiative that convenes stakeholders from across the health data and digital ecosystem to strengthen country Health Information Systems (HIS), align partner resources with country priorities, and adapt global tools to local contexts. 

As a UHC2030 initiative, the HDC links with other health related-initiatives contributing to the UHC agenda and supports alignment with country priorities. Guided by the 2015 Roadmap for Health Measurement and Accountability and 5-point call to action, the HDC has continued to grow and evolve over the years.

HDC Objectives:

  1. To strengthen country capacity to plan, implement, monitor and review progress and standardized processes for data collection, availability, analysis and use
  2. To improve efficiency and alignment of technical and financial investments in health data systems
  3. To increase the impact of global public goods and tools on country health data systems through increased sharing, learning and country engagement.
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