The working group brings together over 100 technical experts from implementing partners, 12 countries, donors, academia, and civil society.

Currently co-chaired by USAID and WHO, the group is working on the following:

  1. Optimizing the meaningful use and reuse of health information technology in low and middle income countries to support achievement of SDGs through the implementation of foundational digital health infrastructures; 
  2. Actively promoting the development, use, and long-term support of digital health ‘global public goods’; and
  3. Increasing, in a measurable way, the level and alignment of country and partner investments in support of Objectives 1 and 2.

Our overall aim is improved coordination - to move away from fragmented development approaches to a more strategic way of investing in and supporting global health efforts.

Terms of Reference

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Digital Health Atlas  (154 kB)

Digital Health Atlas (154 kB)

29/05/2018 11:31 154 kB

Developed by the WHO and global partners under the Health Data Collaborative, the Digital Health Atlas is a web-based platform supporting digital health technology registration and assessment; it can inventory and prospectively manage information about digital health products and deployments, including cataloguing maturity and scale, functionality, data capture, and interoperability. Different stakeholder groups can review, understand and track individual digital health investments, viewing each solution geographically and in relation to national plans and health infrastructure. For more information, please visit: https://digitalhealthatlas.org/

DH&I May 2018 Meeting Minutes  (168 kB)

DH&I May 2018 Meeting Minutes (168 kB)

08/05/2018 09:32 168 kB

DH&I April 2018 Meeting Minutes  (131 kB)

DH&I April 2018 Meeting Minutes (131 kB)

09/04/2018 09:30 131 kB

DH&I February 2018 Meeting Minutes  (82 kB)

DH&I February 2018 Meeting Minutes (82 kB)

08/02/2018 09:31 82 kB

DH&I January 2018 Meeting Minutes  (99 kB)

DH&I January 2018 Meeting Minutes (99 kB)

09/01/2018 09:32 99 kB

DH&I December 2017 Meeting Final Report  (0.91 MB)

DH&I December 2017 Meeting Final Report (0.91 MB)

31/12/2017 09:33 0.91 MB

DH&I November 2017 Meeting Minutes  (66 kB)

DH&I November 2017 Meeting Minutes (66 kB)

20/12/2017 11:53 66 kB

DH&I October 2017 Meeting Minutes  (137 kB)

DH&I October 2017 Meeting Minutes (137 kB)

09/11/2017 14:31 137 kB

DH&I September 2017 Meeting Minutes  (354 kB)

DH&I September 2017 Meeting Minutes (354 kB)

24/09/2017 09:33 354 kB

DH&I June 2017 Meeting Minutes  (417 kB)

DH&I June 2017 Meeting Minutes (417 kB)

29/06/2017 11:45 417 kB

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