1. Enhance alignment, coordination and collaboration across global and country stakeholders dedicated to improved generation and use of community data and systems for health.
  2. Optimize, harmonize, and/or promote standards, guidance and tools that support integration of routine community data and data systems into broader HMIS and information ecosystem.
  3. Learn from and build on country community data and systems efforts aimed at supporting frontline community health worker service delivery and enhancing population health.

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Guidance for community health worker strategic information and service monitoring

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210128_UNICEF_NY_Community_Health_Workers_Selected_Highlights_EN.pdf  (2.41 MB)
210128_UNICEF_NY_Community_Health_Workers_Guidance_EN.pdf  (4.95 MB)

210128_UNICEF_NY_Community_Health_Workers_Guidance_EN.pdf (4.95 MB)

05/04/2021 15:07 4.95 MB

210128_UNICEF_NY_Community__Health_Workers_Metadata_by_Indicator_EN.pdf  (1.07 MB)
Health Facility & Community Data toolkit  (648 kB)

Health Facility & Community Data toolkit (648 kB)

25/03/2020 16:44 648 kB

Recent substantial increases in international funding for health have been accompanied by greater demands for statistics that accurately track real-time progress and performance in health, and ensure accountability at country and global levels.

Community Health Information Systems Guidelines  (5.32 MB)

Community Health Information Systems Guidelines (5.32 MB)

31/08/2017 12:29 5.32 MB

Community_Data_TORs_and_Workplan.pdf  (337 kB)

Community_Data_TORs_and_Workplan.pdf (337 kB)

17/05/2017 11:00 337 kB

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