Cameroon has a national health strategic plan 2016-2020 (Plan National de Developpement Sanitaire 2016-2020) and its M&E  plan:  Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (IMEP) 2016-2020. In this context, the Cameroon HDC was launched in December 2016. 

Key HIS/M&E documents developed by the country include:

Key priorities 

Heath Data Collaborative partners are working alongside the Ministry of Health of Cameroon to strengthen country data and accountability systems. Identified priorities are as follows:

Harmonization of data collection tools and indicators
Dissemination of data quality assurance standards
Improved Data Analysis, Use and Data Sharing
Alignment of resources for the development of NHIS
Development and implementation of a communication plan

Country Documents

Cameroon HDC Retreat Meeting Report - June 2018 (French)  (248 kB)
HDC Country Case Study: Cameroon  (78 kB)

HDC Country Case Study: Cameroon (78 kB)

1530181601 78 kB

Cameroon HDC Presentation - June 2018  (1.18 MB)

Cameroon HDC Presentation - June 2018 (1.18 MB)

1529655214 1.18 MB

Cameroon Reference List of Health Indicators  (2.55 MB)

Cameroon Reference List of Health Indicators (2.55 MB)

1529587774 2.55 MB

Cameroon HDC Deep Dive Call Notes - May 2018  (395 kB)

Cameroon HDC Deep Dive Call Notes - May 2018 (395 kB)

1527780600 395 kB

Cameroon HDC Retreat Recommendations - May 2018 (English)  (494 kB)
Cameroon HDC retreat recommendations - May 2018 (French)  (496 kB)
Cameroon HDC Deep Dive Call Notes - March 2018  (395 kB)

Cameroon HDC Deep Dive Call Notes - March 2018 (395 kB)

1522424400 395 kB

Cameroon HDC Launch Report  (567 kB)

Cameroon HDC Launch Report (567 kB)

1514455080 567 kB

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