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The United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children

Data and Digital Priorities: Coordinated Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Systems Strengthening

Kenya Ministry of Health

Data and Digital Priorities: HDC for SDGs

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Private Sector)

The private sector constituency incorporates for-profit entities directly serving the healthcare value chain. This also includes entities the have healthcare data as a core competency.

Added value of the constituency in the HDC (Donors)

The Donor Constituency includes Bilateral Donors, Donor Foundations and Regional Funding Entities such as Asian or African Development Banks

Definition of the constituency in the HDC (Civil society orgs)

The Civil Society Constituency incorporates Non-governmental Organizations, civil society and community-based organizations engaged with advocacy, accountability, demand generation or delivery of services who use or produce data, especially for communities left behind.

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