Master Facility List Resource Package  (9.41 MB)

Master Facility List Resource Package (9.41 MB)

14/03/2018 09:47 9.41 MB

LMIS Meeting Notes December 2017  (570 kB)

LMIS Meeting Notes December 2017 (570 kB)

09/01/2018 12:13 570 kB

Data Quality Review Module 1  (1.06 MB)

Data Quality Review Module 1 (1.06 MB)

25/10/2017 09:36 1.06 MB

Data Quality Review Module 2  (1.40 MB)

Data Quality Review Module 2 (1.40 MB)

25/10/2017 09:36 1.40 MB

Data Quality Review Module 3  (1.25 MB)

Data Quality Review Module 3 (1.25 MB)

25/10/2017 09:36 1.25 MB

RHIS Working Group Update  (353 kB)

RHIS Working Group Update (353 kB)

26/10/2017 08:09 353 kB

Community Health Information Systems Guidelines  (5.32 MB)

Community Health Information Systems Guidelines (5.32 MB)

31/08/2017 11:29 5.32 MB

RHIS Curriculum  (1.22 MB)

RHIS Curriculum (1.22 MB)

07/07/2017 13:58 1.22 MB

RHIS curriculum facilitators guide  (2.22 MB)

RHIS curriculum facilitators guide (2.22 MB)

07/07/2017 14:12 2.22 MB

Adopting GS1 Data Standards for Supply Chain Management  (921 kB)

Adopting GS1 Data Standards for Supply Chain Management (921 kB)

31/08/2017 12:02 921 kB

Interagency Supply Chain Group Lessons from Six Countries  (819 kB)

Interagency Supply Chain Group Lessons from Six Countries (819 kB)

11/12/2016 17:21 819 kB

Health Facility Data Analysis and Use toolkit  (428 kB)

Health Facility Data Analysis and Use toolkit (428 kB)

31/10/2018 11:14 428 kB

This toolkit (also available at is a set of resources to optimize the analysis and use of data collected through routine health facility information systems, also known as health management information systems (HMIS). The comprehensive toolkit includes a series of integrated modules, which can be used individually or together, according to country needs. The toolkit includes the Data Quality Review Framework (, which is also the basis for a related tool available via the DHIS2 AppStore:

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