The working group brings together over 100 technical experts from implementing partners, 12 countries, donors, academia, and civil society.

Currently co-chaired by USAID and WHO, the group is working on the following:

  1. Optimizing the meaningful use and reuse of health information technology in low and middle income countries to support achievement of SDGs through the implementation of foundational digital health infrastructures; 
  2. Actively promoting the development, use, and long-term support of digital health ‘global public goods’; and
  3. Increasing, in a measurable way, the level and alignment of country and partner investments in support of Objectives 1 and 2.

Our overall aim is improved coordination - to move away from fragmented development approaches a more strategic way of investing in and supporting global health efforts.

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DH&I January 2018 Meeting Minutes  (99 kB)

DH&I January 2018 Meeting Minutes (99 kB)

February 2018 99 kB

DH&I December 2017 Meeting Final Report  (0.9 MB)

DH&I December 2017 Meeting Final Report (0.9 MB)

January 2018 0.9 MB

DH&I November 2017 Meeting Minutes  (66 kB)

DH&I November 2017 Meeting Minutes (66 kB)

December 2017 66 kB

DH&I October 2017 Meeting Minutes  (137 kB)

DH&I October 2017 Meeting Minutes (137 kB)

November 2017 137 kB

DH&I September 2017 Meeting Minutes  (354 kB)

DH&I September 2017 Meeting Minutes (354 kB)

October 2017 354 kB

DH&I Workgroup - Objectives and Values  (47 kB)

DH&I Workgroup - Objectives and Values (47 kB)

August 2017 47 kB

DH&I Malawi e-Health Strategy - December 2016.pptx  (539 kB)
DH&I Nigeria e-Health Strategy.pptx  (222 kB)

DH&I Nigeria e-Health Strategy.pptx (222 kB)

August 2017 222 kB

DH&I Senegal Interoperability Working Groups  (324 kB)

DH&I Senegal Interoperability Working Groups (324 kB)

August 2017 324 kB

DH&I Sierra Leone Presentation MSC Workshop - Washington DC  (3.5 MB)
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