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1. Please specify your level


3. What is the most helpful HDC communication for you?

  Very Unhelpful Unhelpful Neutral Helpful Very Helpful
Working group produced tools
Working group produced global goods / technical guides
One-stop-shop for health data tools and technical guides
Updates on partner activities
Country progress on alignment / HIS / digitalization
Update on working group
Best practices from countries
Human interest stories
Up to date monitoring figures tracking SDGs
Advocacy, events and political traction for HDC mission
Working space to exchange ideas and tools
Progress of the HDC itself
Identifying gaps in technical needs and raising profile for HDC partners


5. For the HDC website, what is most important to you?

  Very Unimportant Unimportant Neutral Important Very Important
Being up to date
Having as much info on health data and tools as possible
Being well structured / clear taxonomy
Attractive to the eye
Clear call to action / mission / explanation of added value
Clear website taxonomy
Links to other global health initiatives
Speed of access (taking into consideration low bandwidth contexts)

6. If there was an HDC quarterly newsletter highlight events, progress in HDC or country examples would you / your agency be willing to contribute to this?

7. For potential HDC social media, what channel would you use the most?

8. To gather country examples, best practices or human interest stories, would you / your agency be willing to support the collection and collation of these?

9. If the HDC website was to become a one stop shop for health data, with multi agency tools, would your agency be willing to contribute or have a link to its health data products / tools?


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